Pitching Clinic


We have had some families ask about us sponsoring pitching clinics for the younger girls this year. We have gotten a block of time at Extra Innings to hold these, but we need to ensure there are enough girls to participate. The day/time is as follows:

2nd and 3rd grade: Sundays from 5-6:pm 

4th and 5th grade: Sundays from 6-7:pm

They would start on March 4th at Extra Innings in Whippany. There would be 6 sessions of no more than 6 girls per. The cost would be determined by the amount of the girls in each session, the league will pick up approximately one third of the total cost (in the past EI has charged $150 per girl and the league pays $50 based on 6 girls attending). Please let me know asap if you are interested.